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They Promise to Fix Your Credit before Even Looking at the Report

Just as the three primary credit bureaus in use around North America are under legal obligation to delete any errors or misprints in a credit report once they've been brought to the attention of the credit agency, they also cannot willfully erase marks that honestly should be included as part of a borrower's histor... (READ MORE)

If you're attempting to find a reliable and effective debt relief program for the first time, you may well be wondering just how you should start investigating the various alternatives without falling prey to one of the more predatory debt relief maneuvers. Attorneys whose practice concentrates upon helping clients navigate debt relief would be an obvious asset in this regard. ... (READ MORE)

With all of the many debt relief strategies currently gaining popularity around the United States of America, ordinary heads of household without much experience could quickly feel their heads spin. Piling the offers together, most borrowers gaze helplessly at the corporate literature advertising Consumer Credit Counseling, settlement negotiation, credit card consolidation, equi... (READ MORE)

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Are your finances spiraling out of control? Get the information you need today to stop the harassing creditor's phone calls. Total Debt Relief provides a matching service to connect you with pre-screened debt settlement professionals.

These debt management experts will educate you on all of the options available to you to get out of debt. Total Debt Relief helps you make the most informed decision possible so that you can get your financial life back on track.

Avoid Bankruptcy

Need Debt Relief

Bankruptcy is not your only option! Our goal is to help you determine the right course of action for you to take. We will connect you with a debt settlement company today that will help you avoid filing for bankruptcy protection and help you rid yourself of credit card debt.
The decision to reach out for help with your debt is not one that's easy to make. You were raised to "do the right thing" and you are desperate for debt solutions, but now it's nearly unbearable. You struggle along while your creditors are turning up the heat. And now you're at the point where the late fees, penalties and interest expense make it impossible to keep your head above water.

Ask yourself this. If you could eliminate your debt without permanently damaging your credit, why wouldn't you?
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